Yoshiko Okada

Yoshiko Okada’s glass art is connected to her Japanese background and her experiences in Europe. She explores the synergy and paradoxes that these different influences have created. Combined, this leads to an identity, a lifestyle and consciousness. She works with kiln-cast glass, concentrating on forms of simplicity. Her work explores themes such as memory, identity, time and the human condition. Although seemingly complex, this often leads to simple forms of expression or symbolism.

Another point for Yoshiko is her childhood memories. A mental puzzle where she tries to find the missing pieces and then integrates them into physical reality. A level with which she sympathizes and which currently influences her work.

Yoshiko has exhibited at various (international) fairs. She has also won several awards, including Winner 2020 Bullseye Glass Artist Category, 2nd Prize for Glass sculpture and garden Germany, EWAA Special encouragement prize, Young Glass Prize Denmark, Coburg Glass Prize Germany. Her glass objects are part of various private and museums collections.

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